EverExceed Successfully Manufactured 30kW Commercial & Industrial ESS
Feb 06, 2023
Recently, EverExceed successfully produced 30kW industrial commercial energy storage systems for Tarma hillside project in Peru. Now we are prepared to deliver them to our customers. This system we self-developed and self-produced, lasted more than 2 months, finally successfully completed. Now we prepared to pack them to deliver to our customer side.

This all-in-one industrial commercial energy storage system integrates outdoor cabinet, LifePO4 battery modules, 30kVA PCS and EMS etc. This system is customized for our Peru customer to help him resolve the problem of no power supply in remote areas.

“Safer, Smarter, Simpler” is the core concept of our product development. Based on that core point, this 30kW industrial and commercial energy storage system adopted high-quality metal IP55 outdoor cabinet with excellent heat insulation material and anti-theft three-point lock system. Furthermore, the system is equipped with multiple alarm system such as smoke alarm, access control alarm, fire-fighting devices, and has dynamic environment monitoring function to improve the reliability and safety of the system. The whole system is equipped with 512V 210Ah LiFePO4 battery modules, high voltage box and BMS system. The batteries adopt the A grade Lithium iron phosphate battery with 15 years design life 6000+ cycle life at 80% D.O.D.  We equipped with intelligent air conditioner to achieve automatic temperature control and guarantee it used outdoor perfectly. This system equipped with EMS to achieve central monitoring and pre-configured to achieve quick deployment. Those made the system Smarter and Simpler.

EverExceed is a global leading provider of the energy storage systems with 20+ years battery manufacturing experience; we can offer Safer, Smarter, and Simpler battery energy storage systems (lithium battery/lead acid battery) and solar systems for the global customers. We Empower, Energize, Exceed the Energy you Expect forever.

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