EverExceed ESS Lithium Batteries Passed IEC62619 Safety Test
Feb 17, 2023
Recently, EverExceed newly developed 51.2V 100Ah wall mounted energy storage lithium batteries have successfully passed essential industry standard battery safety tests IEC62619:2017 and got the relevant test reports.  These LiFePO4 batteries are the best choice for residential energy storage systems.

As we all know, Energy storage systems (ESS) are important building blocks in the energy transition. An ESS battery can be used to efficiently store electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar. ESS batteries come in a range of storage capacities, from a few kilowatt hours (i.e., storage for private homes) to multi-megawatt systems used by utility companies. ESS battery testing ensures these storage solutions are safe and comply with relevant market standards like IEC 62619, and is designed to meet the needs of the growing ESS market.

To achieve the test reports, we prepared 51.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery samples delivered to the local authoritative Lab. After several months of required procedure, our samples successfully finished the below tests:

- 7.2.1External short-circuit test (Cell)
- 7.2.2 lmpact test (Cell)
- Whole drop test(Cell)
- Edge and corner drop test (cell or cellblock, and battery system)
- 7.2.4 Thermal abuse test (Cell)-7.2.5 Overcharge test (cell)
- 7.2.6 Forced discharge test(Cell)-7.3.2 Internal short-circuit test (cell)
- 8.2.2 Overcharge control of voltage (battery system)
- 8.2.3 Overcharge control of current (battery system)
- 8.2.4 Overheating control (battery system)

Tests are made with the number of cells and batteries specified in lEC 62619:2017, which is very important for ESS batteries. Stationary batteries need to be safe and reliable, and must comply with various legal and technical requirements of the target countries if they are to be accepted on the market. Stationary lithium-ion storage systems, which are increasingly popular due to their energy density and cyclic strength, impose special demands on safety which must be met.

EverExceed is a global leading provider of energy storage system with 20+ years’ battery manufacturing experience; we can offer Safer, Smarter, Simpler batteries for energy storage systems. This test will give our customers confidence that our products meet the highest safety standards for ESS batteries. Furthermore, it also helps our customers to maintain a competitive advantage and gain faster market access. EverExceed Empower, Energize, Exceed the Energy you Expect forever.
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